Our Favourite Spring Based Activities

Daddy McDadface

Well, we are finally heading out of the depths of a bloody awful winter.

Crisp snow? Frosty sunny days?  Nope! Feels like God has been ringing out his sponge on us non stop since October.

But hark?! What is that noise? Birdsong…? Laughter…? People not complaining about the weather…?

Those times are nearly upon us, as such we thought we’d best tell you the best things to do in Spring, so you know, for when it comes…

Here’s mine:

  1. Seeing your house in the daylight on a working day; around this time of year, maybe on a Tuesday, we as a family, like to go out the front of the house and look at it.
  2. Walks; we have all fattened up over winter, especially Dog, nothing better than dragging two crying children who haven’t walked in 2 months around a wood to find some carved Gruffalo animals.
  3. Finding life!  Lift a rock and you will find something.  Lift up a log and there will be something else.  Lift up your sofa cushions if you are feeling particularly adventurous. *Always remember to replace rock/log/sofa cushion to protect the wildlife.*
  4. Planting things; there is no better way to teach children about patience, responsibility and ultimately disappointment than planting some carrots.  Other vegetables are available.
  5. Watching/judging your neighbours; with increased sunlight there comes increased open curtain time frames.  Make the most of it by being looking and tutting at your neighbour’s lawn cutting skills.

So Dadsquad, what are your favourite things to do now winter is going?

One Hull of a Dad

My first point isn’t something I like to do but is very similar to your point 3. Looking under logs, we’re potty training our daughter so there are plenty of logs left around the house to lift up and see if there is any life under them. thankfully I have not found my son under one of these logs.

Other fan favourites of mine are going for a walk after tea to “walk off some of that beer belly”. By “going for a walk” I mean “thinking of going for a walk”, I really just sit on the couch eating biscuits and watching Netflix. That old saying, it’s the thought that counts is apt here.

I too enjoy tutting at my neighbour, especially when he moves his car 2 inches further forward because someone has partly been parked in “his spot”. Cockwomble.

I also enjoy playing the “guess whether the car windscreen is frozen” before I open the front door. Try it, its fun.

The Twiglet’s Dad

For me the seasons are just seasons. As a family we don’t really change what we do in our spare time but mainly change what we wear. We are big fans of putting on the “big coat”, a scarf, a hat and some gloves and going to the places we usually go to. The best thing….they are always quieter! So where do we like to go as Winter turns to Spring? Here are our top five places:

1. The Park – we love a park! Parks are great fun and a great way for the twins to burn off some of that pent up energy that they have.

2. The Beach – living a few miles way from the coast we often visit the beach. I love the beach during the colder months. It is quiet, dogs are allowed on the beach and usually the coffee shack is still open.

3. Just Wandering About – we love to just wander about and explore. Sometimes we do it in the town that we live in and other times we will drive somewhere and have a little adventure.

4. Playing With Toys – Ok, so I am not a total monster!  I don’t drag my kids around in the cold and expect them to enjoy it. I am also a fan of playing with all of the toys the kids received for Christmas. After all, they cost money so they may as well play with them.

5. Movie Night – Another thing we like to do indoors when it is colder is have movie night! We will introduce the twins to a new movie, maybe have a pizza and some sweets and snuggle up under the blanket with the heating on full!


As both a professional and hobbyist gardener, Spring is my favourite time of year. Lighter evenings, drier ground. YES !! Here’s what I’ll be up to.

1. Watch the Spring bulbs come up. New life. YAY !

2. Enjoy the blossom. There’s nothing better than all the blossom around in spring. Enjoy it while you can. It won’t be long.

3. Magnolia’s !!!!

4. Wheel out the petrol lawnmower. Panic as it won’t start up. Get it working. Contact all your clients and hope they’re still alive.

5. Tidy the garden ready for planting.

6. Run around Wilko’s gardening section like a kid in a sweet shop.

7. Clean the green house.

8. Erect the new fruit cage.

9. Get to summer and realise you spent all of Spring in everybody elses garden, instead of your own.

10. BONUS SPRING ACTIVITY: This Spring I’ve somehow agreed to letting the kids dig a replica WW1 trench across the garden. Anyone got any spare corrugated iron?




The 10 BEST things about being a father.

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Dad Talk: Classic computer games

(One Hull of a Dad)

My son is starting to get into computer games now, he loves Mario for the SNES and Sonic the Hedgehog. We don’t play them a lot at the moment as Joseph is still a bit young and doesn’t take very well to getting stuck or losing LOL. This got me thinking about computer games I loved when I was younger. So, here goes…

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Being a Dad Is Lonely!

When we found out that we were going to be parents, back in 2013, it was always the plan that I would be the stay-at-home parent. Because it just made sense. I was fresh out of university shortly before Joshua was born and my partner had just landed an apprenticeship. It made sense that the person bringing in the money (although very little) would stay at work.

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Dad Talk: Three Things To Teach Your Kids

(The Twiglet’s Dad)

One of my favourite things about being a parent is when I hear myself speaking to my kids like my parents spoke to me when I was a kid. It makes me laugh when I will say something or approach a situation in a certain way and afterwards, I’ll think, “Man, I sounded just my Dad there” or “My Mam would have totally done the same thing there”.

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Dad Talk: Summer Reflection

(The Twiglet’s Dad)

Well there we go…the Summer Holiday’s are over and the kids are back to school. Can I get a “WOOHOO”!!!! With the kids out of sight it now means we can get back to some blogging and writing which means “Dad Talk” is back with a vengeance (had to get a Die Hard pun in there).

So I thought for our first post-summer “Dad Talk” what better thing to discuss than a bit of reflection on the Summer Holidays. So, guys, I want you to reflect on the last 6/7 weeks and answer three questions:

  1. What is your best memory of the Summer Holidays?
  2. What changes did you see in your kids during the Summer Holidays?
  3. What do you wish you had done during the Summer Holidays that you didn’t?

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Dad Talk: The “C” Word

(The Twiglet’s Dad)

It is September and I am going to use the dreaded “C” word! No, not that one (although it is a favourite of mine)…this one…CHRISTMAS!

Yep – December and Christmas will be here before we know it and, truthfully, I can’t wait! It is by far my favourite time of year and always has been even before I had kids. I love the cold months and the dark nights and I love all of the Christmas lights and all of the fun that comes with Christmas.

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