#Things to do in the Holidays with kids.

We’re half way through the summer holidays and if you’re anything like us, by now you’re exhausted, skint and running out of options.

Fear not, parents, we’ve been crowdsourcing a directory of things to do and places to go in the next three weeks. Our reviews and ideas for things to do, come from right across the UK, courtesty of the good bloggers of the UK and the UK Parent Blogger Crowdsourcing group, so you’re bound to find something to help here. Click on the links and enjoy (don’t forget to thank the contributor in the comments of their blog post if you’ve had a good time).

Things to do and places to visit in the UK with kids.


Thanks to the bloggers and good people at the  UK Parent Blogger Crowdsourcing facebook group  for helping make this happen. We’ll be adding to the directory as and when new reviews arrive so get thinking about your winter reviews now and get submitting to hastagdadsquad@gmail.com. The more the merrier. Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you’ll always have some ideas at your finger tips.


The dadsquad.



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